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Application for Japan Pediatric Society- Training Program for Pediatricians

Dear Presidents & Secretary Generals/Secretaries of APPA Member Countries,


Greetings from the APPA Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur.


The Japan Pediatric Society (JPS) has offered a 3-month Training Program for two Pediatricians from APPA Affiliated Member Countries who wishes to train in Japanese medical institutions.


However, the APPA Secretariat is still receiving many applications from paediatricians for the Training Program WITHOUT the recommendation and endorsement of their respective National Paediatric Society / Association.


The Secretariat will not entertain applications that are submitted directly to us without the endorsement from their respective National Paediatric Association or Society.


Therefore, Presidents & Secretary General/Secretaries of APPA member countries, please kindly ensure that after after your organisation have nominated the best 4 applicants, then please fill in the Application Form as attached.


For example Applicat No. 1: Name, Birth Date, Country, Addiliations, Subspecialty and E-mail Address. Followed by Applicant No. 2, No. 3, & No. 4.


Please kindly follow the attachment given by JPS for application purposes.


Also, please attach together their respective CVs and an official recommendation letter / cover letterhead signed and recommended by the President of applicant's National Paediatric Society.


This is to ensure that JPS receives the applications from APPA in an orderly and transparent manner and also without any confusion.


Please kindly submit the application for the Training Program to the APPA Secretariat by January 31, 2019.


Thank you.


Kind regards,

Fairos Nazri

Executive Secretary, APPA

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