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Dear Colleagues,


This review article has been prepared from references given below , but since COVID- 19 is a novel virus with so much  novel information  everyday, this information should not be considered  complete. It is just an introduction. For details please refer to different resources mentioned on ppa website.



Dr. Mumtaz Lakhani

Secretary General

Pakistan Pediatric Association


1.   EPA/UNEPSA    NEWSLETTER    23/03/2020

      Pediatric View Updates on Corona virus Pandemic

2.  AAP  COVID-19 Resources.

     Covid-19 Pandemic clinical guidelines for Pediatric practices

     Video presentation :  Ann -Christine, Nyquitt, M.D, MSPH, FAAP

      Member AAP Committee on infectious diseases

      Lead, emerging infections and outbreaks subcommittee

THE Pakistan Pediatric Association stringently condemns the killing of eight-year-old Zohra, a domestic worker. Her fault was that she mistakenly let some parrots out of cage.

She was probably expressing her own heartfelt wish to be free like the parrots. Not only has a heinous crime been committed against a minor child, hiring an eight-year-old child even for domestic work, is against child labour laws as enshrined in the UN charter of child labour.

Pakistan as a charter member of UN has banned hazardous labour under age 14 years of age. Even domestic work is hazardous for a child aged less than 10 years.

Unscrupulous people in Pakistan prefer to employ children as they are paid much less. This is exploitation of the powerless by the powerful segments of society.

The government, particularly the human rights ministry, is urged to ensure that justice is done in this case.

Furthermore, the federal and provincial governments should ensure that children are not employed even for domestic work. The minimum age for employment should be 16 years. In addition, all such workers should be registered and the terms and conditions of their employment should be clearly defined and properly implemented.

Dr Mumtaz Lakhani
Sec-Gen, PPA

Published in Dawn, June 26th, 2020

Corona Helpline # 1166

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Pakistan Covid-19 Situation Report with data analysis dated 4th Aug 2020

Dr. Mumtaz


Pakistan Pediatric Association salutes Dr. OSAMA for giving his life in the line of duty and keeping Hippocratic oath  in such a sincere and dedicated way , not caring for his own life.

But at the same time it is sad that this young death could have been avoided if PPE was available in timely manner when  The Zairean were  allowed to enter into Pakistan.


Let us hope that all health workers are given PPE and their health is looked after by authorities. We will continue to raise voice.

We pray for Maghfarat of Dr. OSAMA abd at the same time pray for health of all frontline health workers.

Hope everyone stays safe.

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                                                                                  OBITUARY :

Pakistan Pediatric   Association  announces with extreme sadness the passing away of our beloved  Prof. Dr. Dilshad Qureshi of sudden cardiac arrest on 29 th July 2030. 
Professor Dilshad was Head of the Department of Pediatrics at Bolan Medical college in Quetta Baluchistan. In addition she is President of Pakistan Pediatric Association Baluchistan Branch for 2018 to 2020 and Chairman of Neonatal group of PPA. 
There are no words to describe the grief and sense of loss of every member of PPA at  her sudden demise. 
She was an intelligent but very soft spoken   bright leader of Pediatrics in Baluchistan , a province which is struggling to develop  in all areas including the health of children. Reaching at highest ladder in a gender sensitive , patriarchal society of Baluchistan is insurmountable task for a woman.
She was a sincere , dedicated pediatrician always struggling to improve the health of the children in Baluchistan, a teacher, examiner and mentor to so many students and postgraduate students . 
She will be very much missed by PPA for long time to come for her dedicated services to children of Pakistan in general and Baluchistan in Particular. 

Prof. Dr. Mumtaz lakhani
Sec. Gen


World Breastfeeding Week 2019

Prof. Gohar Rehman

President of Pakistan Pediatric Association

Dr. Mumtaz Lakhani

Secretary General of Pakistan Pediatric Association

Dr. Jamil Akhter

Treasurer of Pakistan Pediatric Association

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