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President Of Fedral Branch

Prof. Rai Asghar

Prof. Rai Asghar

PROF. Rai Muhammad Asghar.
President of PPA Fedral
Pakistan Pediatric Association
Cell: 0333-5103346
Email: raiasghar@hotmail.com

Dear Friends, Assalam-o-Allaikum,

With the advent of internet, the world is now reduced to a ‘Global Village’.

This further helps in communication and sharing of information and knowledge across the country as well as across geographic and social borders. Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA) has been on course to keep with changing trends and modalities.

This web page has been upgraded time and again since its inception in 2001. After taking oath, it was my intention and priority to improve the website for PPA members. All ideas for improvement are welcome.

I look forward to continue growth of this tool in future. I also appreciate my Cabinet, Executive Members and PPA Secretariat for their valuable contribution to complete this important task.

G.S Of Fedral Branch


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General Secretary of PPA Fedral
Pakistan Pediatric Association