Secretary General Of PPA Center

Secretary General Of PPA Center

Dr. Khalid Shafi

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Message from the Secretary General

Dear colleagues,

Asalam waalikum


Welcome to the rejuvenated PPA website, which all of us were waiting for some time. As you are aware elections were held in Nov. 2018 . After taking over the charge, the priority of cabinet was to reactivate PPA website as soon as possible. With the help of our IT staff Mr. Asad Hussain, I am happy to announce that this website has been reactivated and in the process of upgrading .i would like to pay my gratitude to Mr. Asad Hussain for his hard work and perseverance, without which this would have been impossible in such a short time.

As we all are aware, that In this global and interconnected world, web world is the quickest possible  way of communication and dispersion of knowledge in every walk of life, but especially in Health sector, where one has to keep up with the  latest knowledge, research and evidence based medicine for clinical practice, research, advocacy on almost daily basis.

Through this site , you will be learning not only about different activities of PPA all over Pakistan, but also about the organizational structure, constitution and collaboration with other international organizations like IPA, APPA etc.

I encourage all members to participate with minor to major suggestions,  and I will do my utmost to bring them forward on priority basis.Together let us make this organization even stronger, ethical and transparent.



May Allah help us.Ameen.

Dr. Khalid Shafi
Secretary General
Pakistan Pediatric Association