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Scientific research is the main innovation engine in medical practice including Pediatrics. Continuing education and research, in search of the best scientific evidence, are fundamental for the development of child and adolescent health. Research has been fundamental to the progress of children’s health but many problems still persist. Pediatricians have a responsibility to promote the health and well being of children and research has an essential role as an agent of change in fulfilling this responsibility. There is a paucity of high quality data around child health and protection problems in Pakistan which is the main impediment in the way of designing evidence based interventions. This is especially true regarding the health and social risks of children at the community level.

Strengthening national research capacities is required to respond to local health needs. It is essential that high quality research remains a priority area on the child health agenda of Pakistan Pediatric Association and that pediatricians should be learning to participate in, advocate for, and conduct more community pediatrics research.


1-    Initiate and coordinate research on current pediatric problems at national level

2-    Promote a culture of research and critical thinking amongst the membership of PPA

3-    Develop a list of priority research areas around child health and protection in Pakistan

4-    Build a robust data/evidence base around common pediatric problems in Pakistan

5-    Conduct training workshops on research methodologies for PPA members

6-    Collaborate with the Government ,WHO,UNICEF and other International Organizations interested in conducting research on areas around child health

Structure of the proposed Research Division:

a-    Steering Committee

The business of the Research Division is managed by a 3 members Steering Committee consisting of the following:

1-    Prof.Amin Jan Gandapur (Convener)

2-    Prof.Tufail Muhammad (Member)

3-    Prof.Afzal Khan Khattak (Member)

The Committee works closely with PPA-KP and submit its annual report to the Executive Committee, PPA Centre. The tenure of the 1st.Steering Committee is be 4 years (2020—2024). At the completion of its term, the PPA-KP may reconstitute the Committee and present to the Executive Committee Centre for approval.

b-Panel of Experts;

A National panel of Experts is constituted to advise and guide the Steering Committee on technical issues regarding the areas of research and the assessment of the research proposals for quality and technical feasibility. The Steering Committee will ask the PPA Centre and Provincial Branches to suggest the names of experts to be put on the panel. An effort will be made to have a rich mix of experts from various pediatric subspecialties including community pediatrics on this panel.

Soliciting Proposals

The Steering Committee will solicit research proposals from PPA members through Provincial Branches and Sub-specialty Groups. Priority will be given to the research proposals that:

·        Address current pediatric problems at national level

·        Multi-centre (2 or more provinces) in nature

·        Health care system research

·        Issues around child rights and protection of children at various levels

All proposals, including budget, will be reviewed by the Steering Committee and the thematic experts. The Steering Committee will closely work with the proposal submitters to improve the quality of their proposals, especially the objectives and research methodology. The approved proposals will be funded by the Research Division in full or partial. The approved budget will be released in installments after reviewing the progress and financial report.

According to Clause 18 of the Constitution of Pakistan Pediatric Association;

The Research Division of PPA shall be located at Peshawar. It shall formulate proposals and coordinate and implement research at national level. The Research Division shall be donated 10 % of the savings of all the National and Biennial Conferences of PPA for this purpose. The PPA-KP shall frame proposed bye-laws for the functioning and administration of the Division, its income and expenses accounts and auditing etc. and present them for approval by the Executive Committee of PPA Centre and once approved, they shall come into force immediately.

Ethics Review Board;

In consultation with PPA Centre and Provincial Branches, an “Ethics Review Board” will be established. All proposal would be submitted before the Board for ethical clearance. The Board will review the submitted research proposals for ethical issues and advise the Steering committee accordingly. No research will be conducted without the prior review and approval of the proposal by the Ethics Review Board.

E-Accounts and Finances:

The Research Division will open and maintain a separate Bank Account to be jointly operated by 2 of the 3 signatories (Convener and one Member). The Account will be audited on yearly basis and the report submitted to the Executive Committee, PPA Centre. At present as RD is in process of opening a separate account,PPA KP account is jointly used.

Office and Support staff

The Research Division may establish its own office, employ necessary staff and purchase the necessary office equipment to carry out its business,

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